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Computer Consultant & Systems Engineer

I provide consulting services for Small Businesses, and Professionals who have a home office. I specialize in Microsoft and Apple platforms, but I also have some experience with the Linux systems too. I am a Microsoft Partner and I have a great deal of experience deploying and supporting Microsoft Desktop and Server Platforms. I have experience with a wide variety of computer and network systems, from Industrial Electronics and Robotics, to Commercial Office, to Retail Point-Of-Sale, to Marine Navigation to the rusty old Home PC. Rest assured, I have see it all, and made it work!

Because I am a professional services company, I sell no tangible goods and I collect no sales tax.  I offer flexible rates and I do not markup the price of the hardware and software you purchase, nor do I engage in aggressive tactics or up-selling my clients, so you get an unbiased personal service, with your best interest as my primary objective. I have several vendors and partners where you can buy products directly and save, and as an extra value, I provide free internet email and web hosting services for my long-term clients.


So when you have a need for help you can trust, call me (Kimber) at (206) 227-1921.  I will work with any-equipment, with any-vendor, to solve any-problem, any-time!

I work hard  to make my clients happy, so they provide outstanding references for me, and I will work just as hard for you.

If your Operating System does not operate.... then call Kimber Hall, to fix it all!

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Small Business Server and Office 365

I use and recommend Microsoft Small Business Server. I have been supporting the Microsoft Small Business Server Product line for several years. I have Migrated from other platforms to Small Business Server and to Office 365. I have also integrated Windows Server to Office365 for DNS, Directory and other Network and Communications Services.

Other things I like to do:

Kimber's Robot Projects

 KimBot 1 is my first Hobby Robot. I built it from an RC Car and a Parallax Basic Stamp 2 Homework Board. It can drive on its own, or when driven by remote, the computer will help make the car easier to control. The computer can also be disabled to the car will function as a regular RC Car.

IP Camera Systems

I am a certified IP camera Technician for Panasonic and Axis Communications. I have held the Panasonic Certification since 2004.

I understand IP networks and camera systems, so I have become an expert over the years in IP camera  system technology.

(RFID) Card Access Systems

I have experience deploying and managing several RFID based card access solutions form several manufactures. As an IT manager I prefer an affordable and expandable system that meets my clients needs. I have found several, affordable Chinese made products that work quite well, but may be a little harder to configure and manage.

 Aerial Video Systems

New Youtube page to follow soon, when I find some extra time...

 Body Camera Systems

I am an avid Paintballer and I enjoy making videos of my adventures. I have used several digital, solid state camera systems over the years to record action packed sequences and invented mounting systems to get the best view. I also use Apple Final Cut Pro to edit my videos, and I found it to be quite a bit easier than I thought it would be, and also fun to learn.

My YouTube videos where removed due to copyright violation of the background music, however some videos can still be found, and I will repost the majority of my past work and new compilations, when I can reedit the soundtrack with my own music, I am now learning how to use DAWs, like Ableton Live and Apple Logic Pro.

I have several camera systems, including GoPro, Panasonic, Drift, and many others.

3D Printing Systems

I have recently taken to the art of 3D printing. I acquired an older broken 3D printer from one of my neighbors, he asked me to fix it if I could. I fixed it, and it started me on a new adventure that had almost consumed my every last bit of my free time recently. I have had some experience with 2D CAD systems of the 1990's, and I really had no interest in getting into CAD systems of that period, but things have come a long ways. 3D printers are awesome and the new slicer software and 3D CAD tools make it so much fun, its not really work at all!

I have had the Pleasure of using 3D printers manufactured by PrintrBot, MakerBot and FlashForge.

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